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How does it work?

-How to Sell a Feature-

1. Create a new feature profile of the artist for whom you will be selling features/verses..

2. Share your artist's feature profile on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email.

3. You will be notified when someone orders a feature.

4. After you deliver your work we will credit your account with the price of the features minus 10%.

5. Withdraw your earnings to your Paypal account.

6. Spend your money!

-How to Buy a Feature-

1. Find the artist profile that you'd like a feature from and purchase the feature.

2. Pay for your feature using Paypal or a credit card and send the concept of your song (description & draft recording).

3. Track the seller's progress, communicate and exchange draft mp3 files of the feature .

4. Receive your finished feature with studio session files.

5. You can request fixes from the seller if it is not what you wanted.

6. Provide feedback on the seller and order.

Random Jobs

Lucius P. Thundercat

Feature from artist Lucius P. Thundercat for $20

If the beat is dope, and the rapper is decent, you will get a quality Lucius P. Thundercat verse.... Read more

by Cloud9MG 
Solow Dakidd

Feature from artist Solow Dakidd for $10

If the beat is dope, and the rapper is decent, you will get a quality Solow Dakidd verse. If you... Read more

by Cloud9MG 

Feature from artist REVA- Talented FEMALE RAPPER for $75

I'm an up and coming Underground FEMALE Hip-Hop artist. I recently got my music accepted to... Read more

by REVA 
Trizzy Stacksscriptolution

Feature from artist Trizzy Stacks for $250

I am A boston artist from sky wave gang i work hard i grind everyday me and my team always in the... Read more

by TrizzyStacks 

Feature from artist Chrome for $20

If the beat is dope, and the rapper is decent, you will get a quality Chrome verse. If you want a... Read more

by Cloud9MG 

Top Rated Jobs

Maine Thickahscriptolution

Feature from artist Maine Thickah for $100

Maine Thickah is an artist from Pensacola, FL. He has been rapping since 1994 and was part of... Read more

by rapfeatures 
Boneface aka scriptolution

Feature from artist Boneface aka for $250

The music speaks for itself. http://youtu.be/GTNf7NM-a8I http://youtu.be/YZDgXW7e7oI... Read more

by rapfeatures 

Feature from artist YungToolzSODMG for $275

https://twitter.com/YungToolzSODMG https://www.facebook.com/Yungto0lz... Read more

by YungToolzSODMG 
Star Lifeescriptolution

Feature from artist Star Lifee for $50

All I can say is my music can speak for itself. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=45oqfrOuJtA... Read more

by StarLifee 
Color Boi

Feature from artist Color Boi for $25

Check a few different styles from me at www.datpiff.com/profile/colorboi2013 You can use... Read more

by ColorBoiNhD