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Random Jobs


I will Spacely for $20

I vow to murder rapper my lyrics and flow are always strong never disappoints and I have a solid... Read more

by Spacely 
Hailey Simone

I will Hailey Simone for $50

I'm a young and upcoming 16 y/o hip hop artist coming straight out of Milwaukee, and willing to... Read more

by haileysimone 

I will YungToolzSODMG for $275

https://twitter.com/YungToolzSODMG https://www.facebook.com/Yungto0lz... Read more

by YungToolzSODMG 

I will GristleBeatz for $75

GristleBeatz is a rap group from Mesa, Arizona with artists: D-Sling, Kid Cliff, and $imon. We... Read more

by GristleBeatz 

Top Rated Jobs

Maine Thickah

I will Maine Thickah for $100

Maine Thickah is an artist from Pensacola, FL. He has been rapping since 1994 and was part of... Read more

by rapfeatures 

I will Cee for $75

Young up and coming hip-hop artist coming out of Chicago. Trying to bring light to the hip-hop of... Read more

by CeeOfficial 
Vee Boi Baby

I will Vee Boi Baby for $500

Smooth, pop, or 808 hip hop only only doing Hooks Read more

by veeboibbaby001 

I will JayTiggy for $20

I'm a 16 year old rapper from Detroit, features will take 1-3 days I'll provide the best or you... Read more

by JayTiggy 

I will Acid for $40

Can kill a wide variety of beats, from trap to some indie shit. Whether its fast rhyming every... Read more

by Acid