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Maine The Baptist feature for $300

Hailing from Pensacola, FL, Williams has always had a passion for the music industry and is a hometown favorite, known for making his mark in the secular genre. He also built quite a rapport among the political arena with his uncanny ability to speak out for those in his community by coordinating campaigns, rallies and more. In 2010, he led a campaign with other local activists, as well as state & local officials to help put an end to the unbearable outbreak of murders in his city. Since then, he has been sought out by for his knowledge and expertise on how to improve race relations, among other issues plaguing Pensacola.

In 2013, he released his debut novel, “My Brother, The Devil, & Me”, which was well received on both regional and national levels. And in 2015, Williams became host of the web political talk show, “The People’s Perspective”.

Although he has had many accomplishments along his journey, Jermaine knows firsthand how quickly one can rise and fall. After overcoming a 13 year battle with substance abuse, God has delivered him from desiring drugs and alcohol. He has been sober for 200 days and is now on a new path: to return to rap as a Christian artist, spreading the message of Jesus Christ and his unfailing love and mercy.Jermaine is currently working on his first single,“In Jesus Name”, and is available for performances in addition to speaking engagements.

Jermaine strives to be an excellent leader for generations to come and is dedicated to manifesting the vision that God has given him.

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