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One Man Kru (of Keepaz of the Krypt) feature for $250

Get a CHRYSTAL CLEAR 16 bar verse from international pro-wrestler, actor & Bloody River Records artist One Man Kru (of Keepaz of the Krypt) for $250.00. One Man Kru records at Underground Tracks studio in South Korea, a studio which uses the very same mic and pre-amp set up that the legendary hip hop artists Eminem and Snoop Dogg use.


One Man Kru is one of the most popular and recognizable entertainers in the global underground scene, having appeared in movies, publications, documentaries and national TV shows such as Unspoken: Diary of An Assassin, Show Me The Money 6, Yoren Uta Wa Ichi-jin No Kaze Ni (Song in the Wind Gust), American Juggalo, AWE Awesome Night of the Legends PPV, Big Law: Deputy Butterbean, Hawaii Five-O, The Jerry Springer Show, Samurai TV Digest, Beyond the Lens: The Life And Death of Bruiser TV, Puroresu Bungei, Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, Full Contact Karate Magazine, The Abdullah The Butcher Show and Jun Kasai’s Bloody XMas.


One Man Kru has collaborated with artists and musicians such as Lil Wyte, Bizarre of D12, Esham, Young Wicked, The Dark Hills Gang, V Sinizter, Sam Peezy and Jimmy Bower of Down and has sold over 20,000 physical copies independently.


As a pro-wrestler, One Man Kru has worked for some of the top independent pro-wrestling organizations in the world such as TNA, FMW (Japan), DTU (Mexico), Juggalo Championship Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, AZW (Hawaii), Tenryu Project (Japan), WUW (Thailand), Kaientai Dojo (Japan), PLA (South Korea), FREEDOMS (Japan) & more.


Take advantage of our PACKAGE DEAL…


Get both members of the Keepaz of the Krypt on a song for a flat rate of ONLY $250.00….The same price of One Man Kru’s verse!!! That’s a FREE 16 bar verse from Kapital Z!!!


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