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Tommy Rounds feature prices may vary* $100-200

I am ALL about content. I love to story tell and give the audience something to FEEL and SEE. You want to paint vivid pictures with words? Then look no further. I have been doing poetry and writing songs for over 12 years, I had bad experiences with the industry as a youth so I gave up pursuing a music career to focus on other opportunities and aspirations. Fortunately/Unfortunately I now realize that I MUSIC IS LIFE. Over my Hiatus I never stopped growing and creating so I have material for days. My background is Hip-Hop/Rap but I love, listen and have created for other genres such as Pop, Country, Reggae, EDM and R&B. I major in music and business so I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING


(edit verse) (write verse) (structure verse) *price may vary

*I am not satisfied with the product until YOU are*


-Tommy Rounds

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